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Why Free?

Because I want to. Free commissions are good, and it helps me do better, sometimes the renders are nothing like what the customer asks, sometimes they are perfect.

I am still pushing to make sales and be free to do this all of the time. I love this work, and I am slowly getting better. That is why i put together 2 stores on gearbubble. once I get the store to a good place (with enough products) I am going to advertise it alone. I am also looking to advertise on fur affinity (soon), and I am open to doing more outside the advertising box.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Am I missing something? Do you think I could do more advertising on another site, or something else? Please share your thoughts and ideas!

Best Regards,

Robby Zuti-Lewis

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I think what you are doing is an excellent way to develop your 3D skillset. To get better at it you have to create things, and I understand the reluctance to charge for a learning experience.

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