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Brought up in upstate NY, I traveled to Florida at the age of 21. Working in a variety of professions, I finally moved back to upstate NY after my mother passed away in 2009 and married a very special man in 2013.


I have been a youth Pastor of a Southern Baptist Church, Administrative Assistant to different organizations, and a Salesman more times than I would have liked. I have worked at Banks, Supermarkets, and Non-for-profit organizations most of my life. Currently, I help individuals with disabilities live their lives and help them become more independent.


I now reside in Syracuse, NY and working full time while finally sharing the stories I have been creating part-time.


I am now writing more about Gay Bigfoot (Sasquatch, Yeti) and other Mythological creatures. Come with me on a fantasy journey into the uncharted depths of discovery as we discover why the bigfoot are mostly gay, how they like to fuck, and how they bust a load.


I want to hear more ideas about your thoughts as to how we can fantasize more, and add more creatures to the website!

Check out the Forum!


Our Dogs:

Balto and Chewbacca aka "Chewie"


Qui-Gon Ginn passed away on November 11th, 2019... I still miss him very much.

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