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Adults Only!

  • Alpha Membership

    Every month
    XXX Adults Only
    • All Comics including the current ongoing comic!
    • Special HD Renders every month!
    • Special newsletter with Content not on this site!
    • Access to Discord Server as "Furry Lover"
  • Best Value

    Annual All Access

    Every year
    XXX Adults Only!
    • All Adult Content
    • All comics
    • New Special HD renders every month!
    • Special Supporter Newsletter every month with special access
    • Access to Discord Server as "Furry Lover"
  • Tipper PLUS

    Every month
    HD Renders
    • Access to Discord Server
    • 4k Render images (2 to 3 a month)
    • Some Comics with previews of what is comming!
  • Super Alpha

    Every month
    More than Everything
    • Access to Discord Server (Special Role)
    • 4k Render images
    • Comic Pages with some animations every month
    • Unlimited access to alphafurs.com
    • Special Voting Privileges
    • Member Shout Outs
    • Access to Exclusive Video Channel

Plans include monthly comics and perks for paid members. Questions can be referred to homobigfoot@gmail.com


All Patreon supporters get access to this site! Email must match and you will get a message when your account has full access!
Patreon's Price is the same which includes downloadable images and videos.

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