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What to expect for December!

Auto Shop is going well, and due to input from my supporters, I have come up with some fascinating ideas for the upcoming chapters!

Every 2 chapters will be uploaded to the store for download.

Free downloads are available for current supporters.

Race: Sluggo. Name: ??

A Sluggo mates with Tommy in the middle of the night in an alley. Although Tommy was resistant to doing this, he is intrigued by the Sluggo and wants to meet him again.

inspired by the centaur from the movie "Onward", Lt. Craig Hanns is a centaur that is responsible for the area where the Blue Oyster is and the Auto Shop.

He is a masculine centaur looking for favors.

Zeus the Rottweiler is now an apprentice at the Auto Shop. After his freak out on the farm, he moves back to the city and finds himself broke, confused, and looking for any kind of work.

Zeus is still the arrogant son of a bitch he always was, but he is now looking at life from a different point of view.

10 pages are already prepped and ready to go for the new chapter in December. If you would like to support this artist on a monthly basis, please consider supporting on a monthly basis. https://www.alphafurs.com/plans-pricing

If you would like to download and keep a copy of the comics for yourself, please check out my store:

More to come!

Thank you for your continued support!

All my best,


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