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Preparing For Something New

This summer I have a lot that I am looking to get done.

First, I am helping my husband get our new mobile home at camp ready to roll so we have our 2nd home/getaway planned for the summer. I have some vacation time and we want to enjoy ourselves.

Second, I am advertising my Patreon page as much as I can and I am trying to stay on top of the comics, giving everyone the best I have to offer.

My plans are to get as much done as I can while transferring to another site (working days) and still have family time and time for my posts, creations, and new comics. I can and will do this!

The new comic is all about Prince Kodjo. I am developing the story where he has to do a rite of passage before he can be king, but he has to find a mate and start a family. No one knows he is gay, well except for his best friend (A Tiger). His best friend joins him on his rite of passage and their sole desire is to find an alpha top worthy of their asses.

His tiger friend is a total bottom, but Kodjo is versatile. They have played around in the past, but decided that they make better friends.

This is the start. The comic Rotten has slowed down for now as I need to keep my Patreon comics going. If I have enough Patreons, I could quit my job. I love writing my books, but I am finding that I make more $$ off of Patreon. I may start a tier for writing short stories on there.

Please consider supporting me if you have not already. I talk with every one of my patreons, I am open to ideas and I love giving away free commissions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


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