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Listen Big Guy!

Part of the animation for supporters next month that I am working on now:

"Listen big guy, I ain't gay! But if I do this, it's 'cause I want to live, ya know? You could fecking kill me with one hit, I ain't stupide. So jes do me one favor, let me on top and I can work it at my own pace. That sound good to you?"

This is one of the UHD images I put in the folders for supporters with the animation clips (.mp4). I will be adding a Gallery to the supporter page on alphafurs with these images. They will be at 100% resolution and downloadable.

I know $5 is a lot per month for a lot of people, and I am trying to make it worth it. I am happy to have supporters that will support me for a month and then take a few months off. I appreciate everyone, and I do not take this for granted.

Thank you all for your continued support, no matter how you support me!

All my best,


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