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January highlights

I have been working hard on Winter's Youth, with more content coming soon including intimate animations (You know what I do!).

The story is going to have some shady stuff going on. So be prepared for some drama!

In other things going on, I am looking to try my hand at a Visual Novel again. I am taking my time with this but I hope to have a working preview out in a month or so. I am taking my time with this to make sure I get it set up the right way. If I do good, then maybe I will pursue things in that direction. I think it would be fun to make your own choices and have sexy scenes for adults only.

As of right now, I am pausing Thunder Moose. If any of the paid subscribers request me to keep it going, please let me know. I have not seen a lot of interest in that animation series.

The Fan Fiction Story of Sundancer and Bearcake will continue. I am working on the storyline now, and there is an ending in sight.

Not much else right now. I do enjoy hearing from everyone. Send me comments and suggestions. I will do what I can.

Have a great day!


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