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Is that a big stick or are you happy to see me?

I sent this out to supporter emails from alphafurs.com and to the supporters on Patreon.com/alphafurs. so if you are a supporter on either of those sites, you should have full access with links in your email. If not, please let me know!


Randy and Colton are getting wooed by different sasquatch, but they are both dealing with it differently. One of them is trying to be open, while the other tries to fight.

Thought: “Do the Sasquatch have healing powers?”

Labor Day weekend was a little bit of a break for me, but I am still working on these as much as I can. I plan to have Chapter 1.4 partially completed as a supporter reward by the end of this month, so keep watching!

Links will be sent to your inbox on Patreon as well. Thank you for your continued support!

All my best,


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