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Horse Head Cuming!

Name: Lucky Williams


·      Personality Traits:


o   Shy and Introverted: Lucky is naturally reserved and tends to keep to himself in social situations. He feels anxious around new people and struggles with initiating conversations or making friends easily.

o   Very Handsome but Low Self-Esteem: Despite his good looks, Lucky battles with low self-esteem. He often doubts his own abilities and attractiveness, leading him to feel insecure in various aspects of his life.

o   Afraid of Rejection and Judgment: Lucky harbors a deep fear of being rejected or judged by others, especially in his new workplace. He believes that revealing his sexual orientation could lead to negative consequences and ostracization from his colleagues.

o   Distorted Worldview Due to Childhood Trauma: Lucky's perspective on the world has been shaped by the trauma he experienced during his childhood. His older brother's torment has left him with lasting emotional scars and a skewed perception of trust and safety.

o   Sensitive and Empathetic: Despite his own struggles, Lucky is highly empathetic towards others. He often picks up on subtle cues and emotions, making him a compassionate listener and a supportive friend to those who earn his trust.

o   Creative and Artistic: Lucky has a hidden talent for creativity, whether it's writing, drawing, or playing music. These artistic outlets serve as a form of escape and self-expression for him, allowing him to channel his emotions into something meaningful.

o   Yearning for Acceptance and Love: Deep down, Lucky desires acceptance and love for who he truly is. He longs to find genuine connections with people who will embrace him without judgment or prejudice.

·      Background:


o   Lucky had a difficult upbringing marked by the constant bullying and torment from his older brother. His brother's verbal and physical abuse deeply affected Lucky's self-esteem and sense of safety. As a result, Lucky learned to hide his true self and avoid confrontations, believing that vulnerability only invites pain and rejection.


·      Goals and Motivations:


·       In his new job, Lucky's primary goal is survival — both professionally and emotionally. He strives to excel in his work while concealing his sexual orientation to avoid potential backlash. However, as he interacts with his colleagues and opens up to certain individuals, Lucky begins to confront his fears and challenge his distorted worldview. Ultimately, Lucky yearns to break free from his past traumas and embrace his authentic self, finding acceptance and happiness on his own terms.

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