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Gold Supporters

Thank you for your monthly support. I wanted to update you on what I will be giving you each and every month.

  1. Comic pages.

    1. Original stories that include NSFW Adult content.

    2. Animations in stories. This can include .gifs comic pages and/or video clips of adult interaction.

  2. Additional work related projects which may include:

    1. Games

    2. Visual Novels

    3. Animated comics.

Plus, the comic pages that I come up with are usually extensive. For example, March 2023 (today on the 11th), I already have 21 pages of Chapter 4 that includes 2 animated .gif pages and an animated video that are all erotic.

My stories always include mythical and fantasy creatures (Male on Male sex) with an interesting story behind them.

I have been writing for many years now and my comics show how well I tell a good story.

Please support me so I can do more with my comics!

Thank you!


March 2023 (through the 31st) you can take 25% off your first month's subscription! Use the code "Lucky2023" when purchasing your first month's subscription!

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