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Elephant Choke F*ck$

Why support me?

(This animation is from Chapter 3 sections 49 & 50.)

  1. Supporters have access to Comics and animations from this story and more every month

  2. Comics and Animations are 4k now.

  3. Since November, there have been well over 200 pages created for supporters.

  4. Discord access and chatting with me, even if you want to use the website instead of Discord.

  5. Although there is a lot of sex, there is always a storyline too.

  6. Multiple plans available.

  7. Shared Supporter Folder with all 4k comics and animations (.gif and .mp4)

I am looking for some more supporters, and if you like what you see here I hope you consider supporting this artist, it really goes a long way to bringing you more great stories and encourages me to do more with what I have available.

Coming Soon:

I will be doing training videos that will only be available on this site. How do I do what I do and what do I use? Tips and tricks coming out soon for Super Alpha Supporters.

Thank you for reading and checking this out!

All my best,


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