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Ravished by the Orc King: A Viking's Tale of Forbidden Love

Updated: Mar 6

I modified my approach to creating comics by incorporating a first person perspective (Yellow Boxes). This adjustment enhances the storytelling by providing additional context for readers to easily follow along, while also immersing them deeper into the narrative.

Readers will have the opportunity to engage with short video content, in the form of .gif images and .mp4 files, while fully immersed in the narrative. This multimedia approach aims to enhance the reading experience and provide a dynamic element to the storytelling.

.gif example:

.mp4 example:

All current comics are available in high-resolution 4k quality for our loyal supporters. By becoming a supporter, individuals gain exclusive access to special pages on alphafurs.com where they can view additional content. Additionally, supporters can access shared folders containing full-size images and animations of the comics.

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Mar 03

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