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Working with Animations

The Shores of Zoo-Land

One of the most time consuming things I have ever done is working with animations. Even with my new computer, the intense high speeds, this usually takes some time. When I get it right, it is worth it!

Most of you know that my new style Hybrid Comics with comic pages and animated scenes really works best for me. I can keep going and not lose inspiration on a story while getting the best parts animated. For those of you that have supported me, you know the leaps and bounds I have made in creating original stories while improving on high quality animations.

This month, I am focusing all my efforts on Zoo-Land. I wanted to send out a teaser and let you know what I am doing with this.

  • Johnny is a human who is a total sex crazed young man who loves his boyfriend, Paw the Bear.

  • Paw is a hard working middle-classed worker who had to work for everything he got.

  • Alex is a horse man who is a childhood friend of Paw, and has always wanted a relationship with Paw.

  • Kota is Paw's son, and he came out of the closet recently and he resents Johnny.

  • Amos is a farmer bunny who is getting a divorce because his wife caught him cheating on her with a male fox. He meets paw and falls in love with him right away.

I am looking for more supporters so I can get a more items from Daz3d to make this story a real success. Please consider supporting me. Thank you!

All my best,


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