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Updated: Feb 19

Special Thanks to the Super Alphas who voted for this comic!

"The Lone Viking" Historical Fiction - Hybrid Comic in progress

Sven Clasen, a Viking residing in 8th Century Scandinavia, is a 24-year-old man. Renowned for his strength, fearlessness, and prowess in battle, Sven's life was lacking in one aspect - the affection of another man.

Sven's father, Edvard, was aware of his son's inclinations but chose to remain silent. Instead, he urged Sven to become the man he desired him to be, inadvertently pushing him away.

It was Sven's Uncle Endre who embraced him and imparted on him the skill of boatbuilding. Uncle Endre, an eccentric man, had a penchant for doing things his own way. Sven absorbed a wealth of knowledge from him and closely observed his uncle's actions. In many ways, Sven resembled his uncle more than his own father, taking great pride in acquiring as much wisdom as possible.

On the other hand, Jonas, Uncle Endre's son, bore a closer resemblance to Sven's father. Nevertheless, this did not deter Sven's father from reaching out and striving to be the best father he could be. Sven, with his average stature, stood out due to his black hair and piercing green eyes. To exacerbate matters, he possessed a gentle heart and treated everyone with kindness, a quality not highly regarded among his fellow Vikings, who prided themselves on their toughness and ferocity.

In an attempt to assimilate, Sven participated in hunting and pillaging expeditions. However, his compassionate nature always hindered him from fully embracing the violence and brutality that defined his clan. Despite this, Sven discovered a remarkable talent for working with wood, particularly in boat construction. His initial boat proved to be an astounding success, leading the Earl to insist on Sven building more boats.

I will be updating the Polls for the "Super Alphas". The votes will focus on the direction of this story, character ideas, and possible outcomes from challenges to the main character.


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