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Zoo-Land Chapter 2

So far, supports have 33 new pages of the new comic Zoo-Land to check out this month!

Chapter 2 is on a roll and there are plenty of characters to go out and have some fun while creating some drama!

  • The Fox is on his knees begging for the bunny to take him back.

  • Johnny is learning what it means to own a resort.

  • Sobek the Crocodile is trying to take the resort away from Johnny. He may have to be really devious!

Zoo-Land also has its own barber shop. Find out what Jumbo wants!

I am able to keep these comics going because of supporters like you. Thank you for all of the wonderful messages, encouragement, and friendship I have received from each and every one of our members!

All my best,


Want to support? Check it out here: https://www.alphafurs.com/plans-pricing

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