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Trying to Write

I've been home for so long right now, that my inspiration feels like it is fading. I am doing comics as I can, but I am having trouble getting inspired. I will admit, I am still a little down, but some of my comics feel like they just stopped.

I am doing some activities to help me revitalize my inspiration, and maybe I will be posting more comics this week.

I made this character this morning thinking about making him either part of a comic or starting a new one. I just need a direction to focus my thoughts and direction.

I do have a page ready to do for Jungle Pride and Jail bear right now, so expect them soon.

I also have a few characters to do for supporters.

This is an unexpected and trying time in our lives. My thoughts are with you and thank you for your continued support. I hope everyone is well and in good health.

All my best,


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