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The Winner Man

Your votes are in... There is a new sheriff in town, and he is a lot smarter than he looks.

Vincent. Big guy, big belly.

  • Very Hairy.

  • Lives in a trailer park

  • Took the role of Sherriff because he thought it would be easy.

  • Dislikes kids

  • Beer drinker (Alcoholic)

  • Loves to fall asleep in his recliner

This guy is going to tie a lot of the story together. Yea, he is lazy, but he is also very observant. He knows things and never lets on to what he knows until he thinks it will benefit him.

He is very protective and is like a big brother to the townsfolk. Everyone likes him and respects him.

I am doin some more writing today, and I will be doing some more over the weekend. Chapter 1.6 for supporters will completed and available the first week of November.

Have a great day!


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