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The Next Morning...


Now I am going to start working on Art's coming out story. Cato and Art have to figure out what they want in their new relationship.

I started it with 4 images and I am going to take the day to clean up Art's apartment (But Cato is really doing it). I have a new dforce Mattress I want to try out in Daz :)

As long as you are signed in you can access the entire story on the website here: https://www.alphafurs.com/bfd 

Or you can go to the shared folder link from the supporter newletter you received earlier this month. If you are a supporter and need this link, please PM me and I will get it to you!

Have a super weekend, and please be safe this holiday season!

Thank you for your continued support!


(Wow, I did almost 100 pages in a months time!)

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