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The Lost Era of Earth: Series 1

Before the evolution of dinosaurs, there were many kinds of life on our planet. Humans of this current era would not recognize our planet as it used to be. It was a paradise, and a place where every creature communicated with other creatures, and most lived in harmony.

No one species wanted to rule over the other, at least that is how it used to be. The gift of the human soul was given to all freely and without reservation. Some creatures bonded together to create castles and fortresses. Others lived their lives in sync with nature and among the trees. Earth became a planet of possibilities and imaginations that the universe has never seen before and may never see again.

The following stories are a work of fiction and are designed to entertain adults over 18. Yes, these stories are erotic and full of different sexual encounters many people may not appreciate.

You have been warned.

Thunder Moose

“What a perfect day.” Thunder sighed looking out to the horizon.

“We did a lot of work today.” Bazur the tree mumbled. “I do not think I could teach you anything new. Have you thought about the next place you want to go?”

Thunder just gazed at the sunset thinking to himself. He enjoyed himself with Bazur, and almost wished it did not have to end, but he knew he would see him again someday.

“I will miss our conversations,” Bazur responded to his thoughts.

“Did you read my mind or translate my expressions?” Thunder raised an eyebrow.

“Both.” Buzur hummed. “Decide where to go in the morning. Remember we are all connected, so I am only a thought away.”

“I remember.” Bazur closed his eyes and fell asleep.


I am finishing up Gorilla daddy and will start making shorter stories/animated clips under one title: The Lost Era of Earth.

Imagine what the world was like before the dinosaurs evolved to be huge. Taking elements from the theory of evolution and the bible, I came up with my own idea of what life may have been like.

My first story will be focused on the main character, Thunder Moose. He is a very innocent creature who travels the world and learns from other creatures who have been around for a more extended amount of time.

Bazur is a sentient tree who has taught him for several years and now he will be moving on to other places to learn more.

For the supporters (Gold support on this site or on Patreon), you will get a final animated clip of the end of Gorilla Daddy, and I will be starting with the new animated series. Remember, the animated series is reserved for supporters who also receive access to the Star Wars fanfiction animation every month (It is different every month).

More to come as I work hard to give you the entertainment you love!

All my best,


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