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The Auto Shop is up!

I am on a roll with this comic. Watch for more characters coming this way. Tommy's best friend gets in on the action. Customers are going to start getting their cars fixed and their nuts off.

Tex: He is a real asshole with some major issues. He just wants to fuck all of the time, and his girlfriends never stay with him for very long. He is Bi-Curious

Brian: He manages the Auto Shop. He had a long-lasting marriage once, but they grew apart. He has not seen his kids in years and gave up ever finding love again. He is Bisexual.

Tommy: He wants to make something of himself and prove himself to his father. His family is rich enough and he is a spoiled young man. He is at a turning point in his life where he needs to focus on his future. He is very gay and loves all kinds of anonymous sex.

I hope you are all well and in good health!

All my best,


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