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Summer Time!

I have been working hard with this new comic, and I already have some ideas for another. That's how I roll. I love creating so much that sometimes I have trouble finishing one up. I am getting much better at finishing up projects.

I am committed to getting this comic done, and I am going to try and finish up some animated comics and create some new ones. I really like doing the animations, and if I had more time to do this I would.

I guess I am kinds ranting this morning. I am still a little sick from having Covid for the 3rd time, and I still have a tightness in my chest. Work will have to do without me for one more day at least.

I am looking at some of the ideas people post in our discord channel, and I am going to start using some of it.

Thank you all for your continued support and love for this artist! The picture seen up here I did last night. Greg (Fox) is trying to get even with Amos (a bunny) because Amos broke up with him. He is asking a favor from the new employee Bubba Joe. He is about to ask him for a favor in return... (Notice I am getting better with the lighting?)

I am hoping everyone who reads this has a great day and a great summer. I care about those that support me, and I have even used my Facebook page to post go fund me accounts for people who needed help. Since my full time job is working with people who have disabilities, you know I have a heart. I really do care.

All my best,


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