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I am having trouble getting my insurance to pay me for staying home, but I am working on it. Hopefully, I'll be back to work soon and feeling less stress over this crap.

A few things you can expect for the first of the month is some more comics for Lost Gods, Alphaville, Apartment B12 to start. More are being rendered and written at this time.

I will spend some time making more products to sell and hopefully get some sales. Watch out for emails with discounts. If you want something special, please let me know!

I am trying to stay off of Facebook because I have so many friends and family posting political stuff. It really makes my head spin even though I do get involved.

Chewbacca is getting bigger and he is a big ball of fur! I love him very much and I am glad I have my buddy through all of this.

I hope this message finds you well and in good health. Please be safe!

All my best,


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