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Sasquatch Nation - The Lost God

Ten centuries had passed. Humans became a myth and orcs live harmoniously with the Sasquatch, rulers of the planet. There was peace and love between all creatures, and earth became the paradise it was designed to be.
In the city of Bush, there was a very old statue of a human with orc features that had been unearthed for a few hundred years. No one knew who the statue represented, or where it came from. They only knew they it was made of a stone that could not be chipped or broken. Many theories of the statue emerged through the centuries, and the Sasquatch of Bush revered it as a part of a lost history.
The Sasquatch had evolved. The males ruled while the females raised the children in separate villages. When the males were of age, they would be sent to the male cities to take their place among their brethren. When females were ready to conceive, they would also go to the male cities and make love to dozens of males. They did this because they found out if they genders lived separately, peace was easier to maintain.
Pliant had been in the Sasquatch City for only a few days. He had just become of age and spent most of his time at the statue admiring the design. He allowed his imagination to run while staring at the large statue.
Plaint was unlike other Sasquatches. He was not bold, but very submissive. He was quiet and reserved and he did not like to be around crowds. He was comfortable with himself and did not care how others looked at or viewed him.

This story is a recent inspiration. Thoughts?


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