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Santa Bear / Santa Bigfoot

I have not had time to create a Santa bear, and I really wanted to. My husband argued that it should be a black bear and I was thinking a polar bear. What do you think?

We are getting ready for the holidays and I still need to go to work. Between my books and Patreon, I really want to quit and do this full time. Next month i am getting a new computer and I should be able to do videos with ease! (I am really excited!)

I hope the Christmas Gift was a good one for all of you. Since the first Chapter of Farmer Wolf Cop could have been a little better, I decided to revamp it and give it away. What I am thinking about is putting my comics together and selling them on the site. I would probably do it in .epub format and make the pages bright and attractive with content found only in the books. Something to consider :)

Every year it is the same, i say i am going to have more time and I do not. That being said i am considering charging a small fee in 2019 for Character Creations. Please let me know what you think is fair... $5, $10 or $20?

Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday!


Robby Zuti-Lewis

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