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Santa Bear / Santa Bigfoot

I have not had time to create a Santa bear, and I really wanted to. My husband argued that it should be a black bear and I was thinking a polar bear. What do you think?

We are getting ready for the holidays and I still need to go to work. Between my books and Patreon, I really want to quit and do this full time. Next month i am getting a new computer and I should be able to do videos with ease! (I am really excited!)

I hope the Christmas Gift was a good one for all of you. Since the first Chapter of Farmer Wolf Cop could have been a little better, I decided to revamp it and give it away. What I am thinking about is putting my comics together and selling them on the site. I would probably do it in .epub format and make the pages bright and attractive with content found only in the books. Something to consider :)

Every year it is the same, i say i am going to have more time and I do not. That being said i am considering charging a small fee in 2019 for Character Creations. Please let me know what you think is fair... $5, $10 or $20?

Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday!


Robby Zuti-Lewis

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I think polar bear does seem to fit the role a bit better, but I suppose that may just be profiling of sorts due to polar bears living near the North Pole. Either way, love your bear renderings. very sexy.

As for pricing for character designs, I suppose it depends on the finished product and the amount of leeway/options a client has in the final outcome of their commissions. I have not viewed any videos of yours yet but I imagine being open to commissions for videos and renderings of individual's characters with others of yours could be profitable. You may just have to close commissions at times if demand and the workload becomes too high.

Me gusta
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