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Plans for February 2024

Image from Chapter 3 Page 86, Just before Luke loses his virginity.

I am releasing Chapter 1 page by page on my twitter and bluesky accounts. Please follow and repost!

February 1st will release the rest of Chapter 3 to all current supporters!

The week after, Chapter 4 will begin to release for supporters. I will have teasers out to everyone.

I will also be adding "My Best Friends Dad" to the Comic Vault and supporters will have access to it one Chapter at a time. (For example: If someone cancels their membership, they may have access to a few chapters, but anything new will not be available to them). All links will be provided in the emails sent. Links will also be updated on supporter pages on alphafurs.com.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Please let me know!

Have a great weekend!


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