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New Video Rendering

One of the hardest things I have done is animations. I have spent money on good GPU, processors, run multiple computers at a time, and have never gotten more than a lighting nightmare when it comes to creating good animations. This last week, not only did I do more animations in the current project "Encountering Bigfoot" (or is is Bigfoot Encounter?), but I took time to watch a new video of people who were a lot better at animating than I am.

First thing is first. I am going to start using DaVinci Resolve. I am going to slowly move away from Cyberlink and go into this fantastic software that will do everything I have ever wanted it to do.

Second, I am doing my animations in Daz3d a little differently. I am no longer going to produce movies, but I will produce image series that I can put into DaVinci Resolve. This way I can add the background separate from the actual animation and use lighting a lot better. If you notice the scene up above, it is crystal clear and looks like it was done in a professional studio!

Below, you can see the finished product. This is just the beginning and I want to thank all of my supporters for standing by me. You will not regret what I have in store for the future!

All my best!


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