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New Tiers - New Comics

Patreon will now only feature 3 comics. Jail Bear for the $5 Tier. Island Paradise and Jungle Pride on the $10 tier. Patreons get access to the comics (in order) on this site as well as the retired (officially) Daddy Bear.

Daddy Bear will continue on this site. I now have paid plans for those of you that want to just use this site to get your monthly comic fix in!

Big Fur Supporter: $2 a Month - Just the free comics and membership comics. I do not always work on these on a monthly basis, but his tier will also include general character creations (Free Commissions with this plan).

Great Support: $^ a Month - This includes Jail Bear and Daddy Bear. Patreons of the $5 tier can switch to this as an option and view all of the comics available. Like every tier, this includes everything in the less expensive tiers.

Furry Lover: $12 a Month - This is included with all Patreons of patreon.com/robbyj88 Jungle Pride and Island Paradise are included in this package.

Gold Membership: $15 a Month - This includes the new comics Alphaville and Sasquatch Nation - The Lost God. I have added what I call a demand page. Gold Members can give me special requests such as, "I want the main character to be more submissive" or "Please add an elephant man to the story". This package also includes character requests that require special textures and morphs that must be created.

Questions or ideas? Please let me know! I am here for all of you all of the time!

Best Reagrds,


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