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Auto Shop Chapter 5, Pages 4,5, and 6.

Tommy is starting to like Ray. What did they talk about all night?

Tommy also seems pretty cool with Tex, and his endeavors.

Gret wants more from Tex during work hours! I wonder who will be watching from the street?

More to come!

* As a side note, I am still pushing forward on the game. I decided that this will be a 3d game with clips, animations, and more. I am taking some time to understand the logic of creating games, but it should not be too difficult...

* When I was a teenager, I used to program games on my TRS-80 Color computer. Looking back, I wish I learned more and continued doing that, but life took its own turn on me. I am glad to get back into it and I think with my experience in Daz3d, and creating 3d environments, this is going to be a lot of fun!

As always, I wish you all my best!!


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