New Designs

As I mentioned in the email, I have been working very hard this month creating new textures and updating the characters. Using Daz3d, i have a variety of characters I have purchased over the years, but I try to use the same figure for posing and animation. The bear to the right here is from a M4 (Michael 4) Character I had used with a UV corrector so i could use him on a genesis 8 model. My biggest problem with this is that when I attach the dicktator, the UV's do not transfer correctly and when i correct it, it is no longer seamless like it should be. In short, i am trying to get everything to look as good as I can.

The site has been buzzing with activity and the Patreon page is growing. At this rate I should be able to go part time at least this summer and focus more on family and my designs. Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

Best Regards,




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