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Lost God - Wrapping it all up

This is one of those comics that I ran out of inspiration on. I have to love what I am creating before I can create it. So, this is what I am doing...

Burp is an old soul who may have just been born but is starting to realize the power he has inside of him.

He teams up with Trey, an orc shaman who will partner up with him to travel through time and bring peace to people and cultures saving the human race and other species from extinction.

This will start a new comic. I am thinking of calling it "My two Orcs" with a young human male who befriends them and travels with them through time.

More to come as I begin this detailed journey into this new story. I anticipate that this journey they take will be full of drama and magic while traveling to places like ancient Egypt and saving the Anubis as well as greek and other mythologies that spark my interest.

I will be doing a poll sometime before I begin this. I still have to work out at least one sex scene before I end this story, which will be available to all members.

I am also planning on redesigning the site to make it more user friendly.

Thank you for your continued support!

All my best,


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