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Labor Day!

I am really looking forward to September. I have barely been out to camp this month because the dogs all got sick, and we had to give them worm medicine. My son moved back from Florida just as my week long vacation started, and to top it all off, I had to remove Daddy Bear from Patreon.

It is Friday the 30th, and I go back to work on Tuesday. I got a lot of comics done for September but I have had a hard time getting everything together. I am still behind what I think I should be.

Now that I have had time to complain, let me tell you I am trying to give you the best of my work. i have been spending hours on my computers and I am hoping to have enough next month to upgrade my desktop. After October, I will be home most of the time and I will be doing a lot more comics.

The new comics have started and I will do a lot to make sure they are up and running in September. I should have comics up every week, and the Patreon Comics will be scheduled the same as August.

Thank you for your continued support!


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