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I'm Out...

... of work till April 15th.

Jail Bear has a new character. Mart aka The Mad Blue is a scientist that can make some of the weirdest and wild drugs you ever saw!

I am high risk, even though my job is considered essential. I have issues with my immune system, and my husband even more so with the arthritis drugs he is on. We are being extra careful.

I am only going to get paid so much from work so I am going to pop some comics out on the first of the month. Today (March 27th) I just put out a page of Jail bear and I am going to spend the next few days creating and rendering pages for comics to come out on the first.

Thank you to those who believe and support me financially every month. If you would like to, please consider supporting me either on Patreon.com/RobbyJ88 or alphafurs.com.

Be well, be safe, and be wise.


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