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First Kiss

Apartment B12 is going places similar to Alphaville. In fact, they live there!

Elias the Otter is a whore, slut, manipulator, and just out to get his ass fucked all of the time. Tox recommended him to Sunur because he knew they all could make a lot of money off of him, but something happened he did not expect.

Tronner the Gorilla asked him out on a date. They went out for coffee and just talk. Tronner did not ask to get with him or take him to bed. He respected him.

Maybe cupid was there, or something else happened, but either way, they are getting ready to explore an interesting relationship.

How will this affect their cash flow? Will Elias still be a whore? What do they see in each other?

Please consider supporting this artist and find out!

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