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Fat Cat Leo!

Fat Cat Leo

Major boss in the underground crime ring. He always comes out looking good with a lot of money and influences in many counties across the state!

Leo keeps up appearances and has a good report with the police. Although he is introduced in Farmer Wolf Cop, watch out for Daddy Bear where he will come out with more of his story.

Pets are coming to Handalball! There is a new pet store opening and you will not believe what they are selling!


On a personal note, I am doing a lot better. I can get around with little to no pain but the doctor took me out of work for another week (I am glad I have insurance for lost wages!). I am planning on making the next few days very productive with a new sale item for the store.

(Hint: anyone who uses Daz3d will want to consider buying this!)

Watch your emails for more coming your way!


Robby Zuti-Lewis

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