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Fan Fiction SW Story - Gold Supporters

Supporters will now get an email with a unique link to a fan-based animated Star Wars Story every month. April's link has been sent out, and more will be sent out for all new supporters during the month of April.

Every month is a different animation and a different unique link. I am going above and beyond what I am currently doing to provide supporters with everything I can do in a month's time.

What I am doing for supporters: (April 2022)

  1. At least one animation in any of the animated series I am working on (Gorilla Daddy).

  2. A unique link to Fan-Fiction Star Wars gay erotic stories.

  3. New original renders at HD quality, with the ability to download.

Instead of working on games, I have focused my attention on stories and animated series. I am getting to a point where I am doing things more streamlined, and my animations are getting better.

I use AI voices for my characters, and I plan on doing more. Although I always promise one animated video a month, recently I have been doing 2.


What I am doing for free members:

  1. At least 2 pages of comics. One for each of the current stories I am working on

    1. Jungle Pride

    2. The Locker Room

  2. Blogs and Updates

  3. Conversations on alphafurs.com and/or our Discord server.


Questions, comments, or ideas are always welcomed. I am working hard to get everyone some quality entertainment every month. Thank you for your support and faith in me.

All my best,


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