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Demo Game Update 1.02

A Bigfoot’s Journey

Update Demo 1.01

Saturday, March 7, 2021

· The status bars are active.

· Foot Power is set, not usable at this time.

· Food respawns.

· NPC Character Harvey added

· Main Menu Added

· First Conversation with Harvey

· Added Harvey Help UI (buttons not active at this time)

Update Demo 1.02

Sunday, March 14, 2021

· Added control UI – So you know how to play, and what is coming!

· Added Door designed to send you to the next level.

· Added active buttons for Harvey. Fuck and Food work now.

· Added Tobi. An NPC Dummy you can fuck if your horniness is above 20%

· Added fuck animation.

· Food button gives you a small boost in hunger and respawns all of the food on the level.

Ok, so unless there are bugs or little things I have to fix, I am going to be working more on the next level. I have already started this and it will be available for all supporters of alphafurs.com or patreon.com/slaphafurs

Thank you for your support!


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