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Catching Up

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching as well as many changes in my life, I find myself constantly running around, especially when it comes to the new puppy.

Boredom creates innovation. I am not bored, just alone with my thoughts a lot. The character here, Golgath is a super demon for the Lost God. The storyline seems a little boring to me so I added an anti-demi-God. I will do some more writing on this story very soon.

My laptop is not handling everything I throw at it when it comes to rendering anymore so comics might take a bit longer to make, but help is on the way! I am getting my Desktop computer upgraded this Christmas and I am looking forward to trying out some new animations I have been working on. I have many people I am thankful for their continued support.

After the holidays I plan on doing more online tutorials, and creations for everyone. I am still running the monthly raffles and I am looking to do more with the website. Stay tuned for comics to be available in the store real soon!

Thank you again!


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