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Announcement: Contest and more!

Updated: Feb 18

Special Coupon:

I sent out an email the other day and for some reason the link did not work right. Here is the email:

The "BUY NOW" button took you to Wix unfortunately. Here is the real link:

Then, click on the Super Alpha tier (right side)

Then, on the payment page, enter LOVE4SUPER in the coupon code, and you will get $3 off every month for as long as you have the plan.

Super Alphas will have access to everything including previews of things to come, personalized messages from me, and requests for ideas on characters, story plots, and unique polls to help me create everything you are looking for.

Also, I have started a video library for Super Alphas which will show you how I create, design, and publish my work.

The Alpha tier (previously the $5 special Gold, and Gold Membership) still get the same benefits, with comics and animations.

Subscribers now have the ability to enter into a contest.

Details here:

Coupon Code for Subscribers:

When you subscribe, you will get a coupon for the Alpha tier for $1 off every month!

Thank you for stopping by!

All my best,


P.S., Coming soon for supporters: "The Lone Viking" !

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