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7 new! Auto Shop!

A lot is going on here...

Bort is the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He gets attached to someone quickly and wants a forever relationship that is open, free, and full of love. his is also loaded and will do anything for the one he is in love with.

Tex and Bort were high school friends and now that they are open to something gay, they can't help but be infatuated with each other.

Brutus is so impressed with Billy, he wants him... and bad. Mark takes the time to explain how the group likes to share everything, and they are always brothers before bitches. Mark explains to Billy that they will share him, he just wants to be Billy's first, and Billy offers that before he asks.

Behind the scenes, Arbor gives the small loft to all of the bikers of SOAR (except for Fang), and they all crash on the huge bed.

Finally, Tommy can't resist. he checks out the work the contractor did at the shop and he is impressed. He is taking his new role as boss and owner seriously to make his dad proud, but someone meets him in the middle of the night... Who is that?

Find out in Chapter 4!

All my best,


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