Purchase a commission. Customization options are available. Please be as specific as possible! Questions before a purchase can be relayed through the message center here or homobigfoot@gmail.com
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You may submit the Commission Form first to see if I can complete your request before purchasing! Questions? email: homobigfoot@gmail.com

Artist: Artist of homobigfoot.com.  

Collector: You 

The Collector is commissioning a piece with the description as shown in the document filled out in its entirety. 


The Artist will consult with the Collector concerning the piece's layout, coloring, design, and materials. The Artist will use his own materials and workspace. The Artist will email the Collector a maximum of 2 times throughout the process and provide sketches and outlines for the Collector to approve. 

The Collector will pay the Artist a total of $60 for this piece. The Collector will pay for the commission before the project begins that will cover the project. 

If the Collector chooses not to purchase the art piece at the end of the commission, the Artist will keep the piece and the nonrefundable deposits. The Collector will have no claims or interests on the Artist. The Artist, in turn, will owe the Collector nothing further. 

The art piece shall be delivered to the Collector at the following address no later than 2 weeks after request.  

The form at the URL link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wst3lH2bqPvr7kkjl-ApO9cgQ8bNyDsC0AMM9BM1VpY/ MUST be completed before work can begin. 

The Artist reserves the common-law copyright to all works commissioned by the Collector that is created by the Artist, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. 

Please be advised that certain morphs may not be attainable. This artist will do everything that can be accomplished. 


  1. Male figures only! 

  2. Figures must be humanoid. 

  3. If this artist is unable to create the character, a full refund may be requested. 

Please note: I will do everything possible to give you your desired product! 


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