Sep 30

The 2nd Daddy Bear


I am having a great time recreating characters. I will be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to do another one, but since there have been so many people interested in the incest comic, I could not resist. You have to pay $5 monthly to access it. Please let me know if you have any questions!




New Posts
  • Donald is the manager of the 5 star hotel on the island his boss owns. His job is run a profitable hotel, cater to to the guests, and make sure everyone is happy. One thing, it is a nude island. Gays only. There is plenty of drama he has to maintain while dealing with his own attractions and desires.
  • This will be coming to Patreon as a $2 tier soon! · Prisoner: Robert Bear Boggins aka “Bobo” · Crime: Murder in the 2nd Degree. · Punishment: 50 Years. Up for Parole in 10. · Prisoner: Bartholomew Jeremy Hoppins aka “BJ” · Crime: Murder in the 1st Degree. · Punishment: Life. No Parole. · Prisoner: Cleo Horus · Crime: Assault and attempted murder. · Punishment: 25 years. Parole in 5. · Prisoner: David Rondo · Crime: Identity Theft. · Punishment: 5 Years. Parole in 2. · Prisoner: Erin Red Beary aka “Red” · Crime: Embezzlement and conspiracy to murder. · Punishment: 15 years. Parole in 4. · Prisoner: Feral Corey Lion aka “Fay” · Crime: Murder in the 2nd Degree. · Punishment: 50 Years. Up for Parole in 15. · Prisoner: Oswald Robert Orion aka “Orbby” · Crime: Assault and battery. · Punishment: 20 Years. Up for Parole in 8. · Prisoner: Keith Clemmons aka “Torched” · Crime: Arson and Murder in the 1st degree. · Punishment: Life. No Parole.


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