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Comic's! Idea's I could use for Daz3d Graphic art. Any other artists out there?

Oct 4

I am happy to be part of this family and enjoying Rob's work and books! I just wanted to share with you all my little artwork I do whenever I get the time. I figured to share with you all who are inte
Sep 6

Donald is the manager of the 5 star hotel on the island his boss owns. His job is run a profitable hotel, cater to to the guests, and make sure everyone is happy. One thing, it is a nude island. Gays
Mar 18

This will be coming to Patreon as a $2 tier soon! · Prisoner: Robert Bear Boggins aka “Bobo” · Crime: Murder in the 2nd Degree. · Punishment: 50 Years. Up for Parole in 10. · Prisoner: Bartholom
Feb 21

Meet Wilbur, half pig, half human. He needs a personality. Help me out and tell me what you think he is like! All personality ideas welcomed!
Dec 19, 2018

One thing I have been working on is a unique morph of a horse man. Daz3d and Renderotica have not had anyone design this so i thought I would do my own. I am still tweaking it, but so far this is what
Sep 27, 2018

This picture is from the 5th page. The character in the back is Hiero, the same character I used in Olympian Jupiter. This is just a different universe I suppose, but I created the Character and reall
Aug 28, 2018

I have updated (finally) the preview page for members. Here are the first two pages for the new comic Daddy Bear! Link and support page is
Aug 1, 2018

I am going to design a new comic for the site, I need some discussion and above all, voting! Tell me your thoughts or give me a new idea, check out what I have so far. I will use the top 2 voted in a
Apr 5, 2018

For those of you who have been following the Alien Sasquatch adventures, I want to add a new character. Currently, I have completed the revision for the next book, Olympian Jupiter which will be out s
Dec 8, 2017

I am not planning on ending the story, I want to expand on it. I think this has been a great story but I am looking forward to doing more. So, what I did was introduce Angel (From the book Angel of th
Sep 30

I am having a great time recreating characters. I will be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to do another one, but since there have been so many people interested in the incest comic, I could not resi
May 14

Mar 3

Just a little stuck right now on what direction I should go with FWC. Please share your thoughts! I was thinking of one of the characters talking Roscoe into being a top for a while. What do you think
Feb 13

Before I start a new comic I am looking for some input. This will be a little different from my other comics, but filled with drama. I am thinking angry sex, gay discovery, and fights. Main Character:
Oct 5, 2018

I have never done this before, but one of my patreons asked me to make his character from a drawing . Because I feel this came out so good, I have added an upload field and a link field that are opti
Sep 22, 2018

saanic baphomet horror
Aug 15, 2018

I just need some feedback on a new format I would like to do. The only negative is that it may take me longer to get one page out. Thoughts?
Apr 29, 2018

One of the things I really want to do is animations. I use Daz3d and it is awesome for renders, but animations? It takes forever!! I have a student version of Maya, but I have never used it before (Ba
Feb 24, 2018

Ok, I have had a few votes and it is close. # for Ape planet and 2 for Rhino Planet. Here are my thoughts. The 3 planets ( Feline Planet (Katz) Rhino Planet (Rhozch) Ape Planet (Dirth) ) circle the
Oct 11, 2017

What kind of cargo is Romper hauling? Prostitutes! Stompede just found this out. Romper is about to find out some special abilities Stompede has that would contribute toward his profit margin. Romper


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