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Jun 8, 2017

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Jan 21

Jul 23, 2018

Which one do you like and why? I am getting The Legendary Sanctuary ready for publication!
May 1, 2018

It always gets busy for us after my birthday (I just turned 48!). May 1st is the opening of our camp at Chedmardo's in Pulaski, NY and we are gearing up for camp! Comics will come a little slower... m
Oct 11, 2017

I am thinking of taking Angel of the Ancients and Isle of an Ancient off the sales list. What I would like to do is offer these books free to members on this site. More books are coming, and I want to
Jul 19, 2017

I look forward to hearing your responses on this topic. how are the book formats that you have purchased? Did some of the pages break to the next page too soon? Was it missing a page break before a ch
Jul 12

Hybrid Hideaway by Robert J. Zuti-Lewis Chapter 1: Mourning “I am sorry for your loss.” The gentleman bowed his head in respect. Ken looked up at the old man. The scent of cigars and peppermints circl
Aug 16, 2018

I'd like to see the continuation of the story discover the post-nuclear holocaust world that the men were saved from -- what is it like, who/what survived, what creatures are there now? I also want t
Jul 13, 2018

Just to give you guys a heads up, I am starting on the final chapter now. After that I will have it edited, copyrighted and published. I am going to start on some new comics soon and I will have polls
Apr 12, 2018

Coming out soon! Here is the cover for the book:
Jul 22, 2017

I am in the process of constructing a sequel to Hybrid Hideaway. Without giving away spoilers to Hybrid, I am going to introduce the discovery of Lycans and Ogres. There will be two main characters w


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